HORRIBLE new Got Milk? campaign. Sexist and disgusting, this new campaign features husbands apologizing for all the mistakes they’ve made while trying to convince their wives to drink more milk - because it will ease the severity of their PMS.

What the fuck is going on?

Milk is a bad choice.

So they predicted the rightful angry reactions to their bullshit ass claim. If I was PMSing (which I surprisingly don’t) or if I was just in a bad mood and some dude was like “you must be PMSing” and tries to force feed me milk, i’d probably tell them to gtf out of my face.

But chances are I’m going to be with someone who doesn’t consult Got Milk ads on how to deal with MY feelings. pshhh

YUP cuz the bad thing about pms is that it ~makes the husbands upset~ or what the fuck ever. Don’t worry about the people who are the ones actualyl EXPERIENCING it! Nope! Let’s worryu about how it IMPACTS TEH CIS MENS!
I mena, who cares if a person is over there having toruble fucking walking cuz of cramps, all that matters is that teh cis mens are happy!

Wow, what the fuck, milk? You should check and see if is taken.

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    dafuq is this
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    these ladies probs got pms cuz of the mugs on their men, eew
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    Aaaaaand cue the backpeddling! Their website now redirects to
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    female cows, female humans, both are just biological machines kept around to milk or fuck
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    Is it bad I laughed pretty hard at these? I actually thought they were kind of cute. Shut up Ivan.
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    these in SF and immediately regret leaving...sharpie at home.
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    i’m so glad these advertisements are coming to an end. honestly,...many pains of a monthly...
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    Fucking win xD
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    Lol what bullshit.
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    Gee, I’m sorry heterosexual man in my life. Was my natural, temporary hormonal imbalance bothering you? Trust me, having...
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    I’m really glad that this ad campaign was pulled, even if the advertising company doesn’t understand the reason why they...
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    Proof that women can’t handle the banter.
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    No thanks, I’ll stick with soya milk.
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    …But don’t the artificial growth hormones in milk bring on puberty earlier, i.e., girls get their periods sooner?...
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    Well thanks I’m lactose intolerant MILK WILL NOT HELP YOU SEXIST BASTARDS
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    At least I now know to drink milk while on my period.
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    I cannot believe this. It’s retrograde beyond belief ok. Let’s all just punch this campaign in the face, please.
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    On this post: Chicks that should drink more milk.